RTEMS/i.MX7D u-boot configuration.

JunBeom Kim (EmbedCoreTech) jbkim at e-coretech.kr
Thu Apr 5 10:57:09 UTC 2018

Dear Huber,

I am sorry for wrong information.

Please disregard previous question.

As I checked in many times, there is CPU0's S/W blocking case before using rtems-libbsd.

That is, there is not rtems-libbsd.

Anyway, I will try to test my SMP code using i.MX7D board next week.

Best Regards,
JunBeom Kim

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Subject: RE: RTEMS/i.MX7D u-boot configuration.

Dear Huber,

Thank you very much.

I was successful to booting RTEMS on i.MX6Q SDP board according to your guide.

I have very interesting problem for testing rtems-libbsd on i.MX6Q.

At this time, I am testing SMP with rtems-libbsd.

When I test SMP example without rtems-libbsd(that is, calling rtems_bsd_initialize, network_ifconfig_xxx), SMP example is working very well.

But, When I test SMP example with rtems-libbsd for calling rtems_bsd_initialize, S/W is stopped. When I check current S/W location using GDB/JTAG, Clock_isr() is still called by timer interupt. Also, _CPU_Thread_Idle_body() is running. 
I guess that there is S/W blocking condition for calling rtems-libbsd API.

I don't know reason.

Anyway, I purchased i.MX7D board in today. Maybe, I can test same SMP example on both boards(i.MX7D and i.MX6Q) next week.

If I have similar problem on i.MX7D, I will let you know that.

Best Regards,
JunBeom Kim
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Subject: Re: RTEMS/i.MX7D u-boot configuration.

On 03/04/18 10:05, JunBeom Kim (EmbedCoreTech) wrote:
> At this time, I did boot RTEMS in u-boot console according to below step in my case.
> - fatload mmc 1 0x18000000 imx6q-sabresd.dtb
> - fatload mmc 1 0x10100000 rtems.bin
> - go 0x10100000

Use bootm. You must use a Linux U-Boot image:

mkimage -A arm -O linux -T kernel -a 0x80200000 -e 0x80200000 -n RTEMS -d app.bin.gz app.img


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