How to configure _Sysinit handler list?

Chris Johns chrisj at
Mon Aug 20 06:20:26 UTC 2018

On 20/08/2018 16:01, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> On 20/08/18 05:12, Chris Johns wrote:
>> On 17/08/2018 02:21, Aaron Bufkin wrote:
>>> Never mind.  I figured it out.  The RTEMS_SYSINIT_ITEM() macro allows me to
>>> insert initialization handlers to the loop that I mentioned earlier.
>> Thank you for let us know. If you think the documentation in ...
>> .. could be improved we would welcome a patch.
> The question is, if this stuff is part of the API. The RTEMS_* name suggests it,
> however, I am not sure if we should make this a documented interface.

I do not know, I suppose the test we should apply is what we are prepared to
support, ie is the interface forward and backward compatibility? I, like you
used RTEMS_* as a namespace but I do not think everything with RTEMS_* can be
considered a formally supported interface.

I do not know enough about the implementation here to comment on this specific item.


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