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> Hi,
> I am a noob to RTEMS. Currently working on developing an RTEMS 4.11 BSP for
> a new SOC based on ARM926EJS.
> I have taken lpc32xx_mzx as the reference BSP and I was able to
> successfully build the BSP in Ubuntu 16.04 using the steps in
> RTEMS user manual.
> Below is the time taken for completing each step in BSP building:
> 1. bootstrapping takes 20 mins,
> 2. configuring takes 3 mins
> 3. make takes 18 mins
> 4. install takes 4 mins

You are developing a bsp so you may be able to take some shortcuts.

First only build the samples. There is no point in build 500+ tests until
you pass hello, ticker, etc.

If you change a BSP or, bootstrap from that
directory not the top of the tree.

Configure with --enable- maintainer-mode which accounts for dependencies
from changing configure or Makefiles.

If you are on a VM, give it more cores and use the option to limit the VM
from using 100% of the CPU time. The base OS will need some cycles but not
half the cores worth while you are using the VM.

Give the VM at least 2GB if you have enough RAM to do that. 4 if you have
8GB or more.

> When I give a make after adding some changes in the start.S file, the
> changes are not reflected in the hello.exe sample.
> I need to give a clean and then a make to have the changes reflect in the
> hello.exe, as a result, each make takes 18 mins
> which is very huge compared to other builds like u-boot.

>From the build tree:

find . -name *.exe | xargs -e rm

Redirecting make to a log file helps and -j helps

I think this bug if fixed on the master

> Is there a way that I can reduce this build time?
> Thanks in advance for all your support.
> *Thank you & Regards,*
> *Amarnath M B *
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