Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Feb 28 04:52:17 UTC 2018

On 28/02/2018 15:37, Christian Mauderer wrote:
> Yes, seems that I misunderstood it. So OpenOCD will remain on top of the recommendation list.

For open solutions currently it seems so.

>>> As a positive report: I have a quite stable setup with the Segger J-Link
>>> EDU. 
>> I do not run Linux and do not put Macs close to hardware so I cannot run their
>> closed source GDB server. I will stick with a fully open solution I can control
>> and fix.
> Most of the time I prefere open solutions too. I had some problems with OpenOCD on another target and bought the J-Link for that one. I only re-used it for the Beagle and it run quite well. 

Nice. Please add it to the Wiki and some instructions if you feel it is needed.
It should be up to users to decide based on their needs and budget.

>>> The EDU is a affordable variant with the disadvantage that it must
>>> only be used for non-commericial purpose.
>> Ouch, messy. If I am paid to work on open source is that a non-commmercial
>> purpose or commercial purpose? What if I am paid more for coding and I debug for
>> free? ;)
> Same problem as allways with licensing. I would expect that GSoC is more educationall than commercial. But it's an edge case.


> For my applications I dont have a problem to distinguish because we have another debugger at work. So I can separate these quite well.

For a BBB? I think we should list solutions, commercial or open, cheap or expensive.


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