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Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de
Wed Jan 17 06:47:42 UTC 2018

On 17/01/18 07:28, William Busacker wrote:
> Most of the GPIO stuff that you'd expect has been finished. Pin control,
> I2C, and SPI all work. SPI could use some extra work however, but if you
> play around with it enough it'll go. I've been having all sorts of "fun"
> getting it working and seriously need to put together some documentation
> on what could be considered strange behavior and how to get it working
> in the first place since that isn't well documented. I don't think
> hardware PWM works unfortunately (not that I've tried). The boot SD card
> isn't mountable either. Can see it and read it, but mounting as part of
> the file system doesn't work. I've been meaning to take a crack at that
> but don't have the time.

If someone has time for it, the I2C and SPI drivers should be rewritten 
to use the new frameworks.



These frameworks provide the Linux user-space APIs.

The RPI support in FreeBSD is quite good, so it shouldn't be a big issue 
to integrate it in libbsd.

Yes, BSP documentation is a big issue. We have to find a common place 
for it and make sure the documentation and the source code are in sync.

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