Raspberry PI

William Busacker wbusacker at outlook.com
Wed Jan 17 06:28:06 UTC 2018


As far as I know, there are very few people using RTEMS on a Raspberry 
Pi Zero (truly a shame to be honest). A few people here and there that 
I've found scattered through the mailing list archives, but a lot of 
their effort was put towards building the BSP foundation and not 
actually using it. The Google Summer of Code project had a few students 
work on implementing the BSP as well which is where most of the 
peripheral connectivity was done.

Most of the GPIO stuff that you'd expect has been finished. Pin control, 
I2C, and SPI all work. SPI could use some extra work however, but if you 
play around with it enough it'll go. I've been having all sorts of "fun" 
getting it working and seriously need to put together some documentation 
on what could be considered strange behavior and how to get it working 
in the first place since that isn't well documented. I don't think 
hardware PWM works unfortunately (not that I've tried). The boot SD card 
isn't mountable either. Can see it and read it, but mounting as part of 
the file system doesn't work. I've been meaning to take a crack at that 
but don't have the time.

If you haven't run across it already Alan put together a guide a few 
years ago going over how to build and setup an RTEMS toolchain here 
for the RPi specifically. Just watch out for version numbers and git 
repo locations. Some things have been moved around since he made that 
blogpost but the RTEMS getting started page should patch the errors for 

The only projects that I know of using RTEMS on RPi are a kernel image 
project that Alan had worked on and the project that I am working on 
which is an active controlling flight computer for high power rockets.

- Will B.

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