How to use rtems_event_system_send and rtems_event_system_receive?

Cliff Geschke cliff.geschke at
Thu Jul 26 20:27:36 UTC 2018

I am migrating an application from RTEMS 4.6 to 4.11


I see that the BSD stack now uses the new rtems_event_system_receive() and
rtems_event_system_send() rather than the older rtems_event_*().  


I cannot find any documentation or guidelines for rtems_event_system_*.  Can
anyone point me to them?


In my application, I want to wait for the OR of system event SBWAIT and some
user-defined events.  Is there an efficient way to wait for both a system event
or a user event?  Do I need to hack my application to use system events rather
than user events?  That seems to defeat the purpose of having system events.




Cliff Geschke


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