How to use rtems_event_system_send and rtems_event_system_receive?

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at
Fri Jul 27 08:36:17 UTC 2018

Hello Cliff,

On 26/07/18 22:27, Cliff Geschke wrote:
> I am migrating an application from RTEMS 4.6 to 4.11

I would directly migrate to the latest RTEMS master if you do such a 
huge version step.

> I see that the BSD stack now uses the new rtems_event_system_receive() 
> and rtems_event_system_send() rather than the older rtems_event_*().
> I cannot find any documentation or guidelines for 
> rtems_event_system_*.  Can anyone point me to them?

These functions should be only used by the system and not application 
code. Therefore they are not documented in the user guide.

> In my application, I want to wait for the OR of system event SBWAIT 
> and some user-defined events.  Is there an efficient way to wait for 
> both a system event or a user event?

No, they are separated. You can only wait for one or the other.

> Do I need to hack my application to use system events rather than user 
> events?  That seems to defeat the purpose of having system events.

Yes, currently this hack is the only solution. I think the basic problem 
is that RTEMS offers no general purpose event system such as kqueue() or 
epoll(). In libbsd (the new network stack), we support kqueue(). 
Depending on your target, the libbsd might be an option.

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