MVME3100 FPU Support on RTEMS 4.10.2

Matt Rippa mrippa at
Wed Jun 6 21:03:45 UTC 2018

It appears we've compiled our mvme3100 bsp without FPU support.
We're on the mvme3100 running EPICS and RTEMS 4.10.2.

We're attempting to commission our astrometric kernel control system
and we've run into trouble meeting some of our thread deadlines. What
we've found is a transform routine that takes our mvme2700 ~200 us,
takes the mvme3100 ~8 ms.  So not a surprise to see this with only

2018-05-31-tcs.log:May 31 11:41:15  E) PORT: tcs_vme, MSG: Welcome to
rtems-4.10.2(PowerPC/Generic (*no FPU*)/mvme3100)

Is FPU support possible with RTEMS 4.10.2? If so, what would we need to do?
It looks like there's a multilib on 4.11.2
(*Eg., see #13* )

Here's our bsp specs:

-specs bsp_specs -qrtems -fasm -c -mcpu=7400 -D__ppc_generic -DUNIX -O2 -g
-g -Wall
(mvme2700) mvme-2307:
-specs bsp_specs -qrtems -fasm -c -mcpu=604 -mmultiple -mstring
-mstrict-align -meabi -DUNIX -O2 -g -g -Wall
-specs bsp_specs -qrtems -fasm -c -mcpu=powerpc *-msoft-float*
-D__ppc_generic -DUNIX -O2 -g -g -Wall

Thank you!
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