rtems-libbsd bpf BIOCSRTIMEOUT behaviour

Nicolas Tsiogkas lou.nick at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 12:09:07 UTC 2018


I have observed a weird behaviour while setting the BIOCSRTIMEOUT for a

When setting it to low values (less than a second) as it can be seen below
the bpf is actually blocking instead of waiting and continuing.

struct timeval timeout;
timeout.tv_sec =  0;
timeout.tv_usec = 1;
if (ioctl(*bpf, BIOCSRTIMEOUT, &timeout) == -1) {
  return 0;

This was working with the libbsd 4.11 branch. Is this a known bug?

In addition the bpf is not receiving/reading anything incoming while with
wireshark I can confirm that there are things on the wire and the bpf is
in promiscuous mode. Still this was working on the 4.11 branch. Any idea on
how to debug this?

Thanks in advance.

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