How to use qemu vfat feature with RTEMS and the powerPC PREP bsp

Éric Tremblay e.tremblay at
Wed Mar 7 13:55:29 UTC 2018

I read that it is possible to make a folder available to the guest system
using the vfat feature of Qemu but can't get it to work.

I am using qemu-system-ppc with PREP (-M prep)  (qemu v2.5.0)
I am using rtems 4.11.3

I am currently experiencing with the 'qemu_vfat' example but can't get
passed the 'rtems_bdpart_register_from_disk("/dev/hda")' which always

I am wondering if the problem is with the command line I am using, I tried

-drive file=fat:rw:./


-hda fat:./

In both cases I see that there is a vfat message displayed:

vvfat ./ chs 1024,16,63

How can I get it to work, does the bsp need to have a IDE driver?  Is this
feature supported with the qemuprep ?  If not how can I make it work or
what are my options ?  using a shared memory to share data between the host
and guest ?

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