OpenAMP using Linux and RTEMS

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Wed Mar 21 04:30:07 UTC 2018

Dear, all:
I am trying to build up my system using OpenAMP framework, Linux on CPU0, and RTEMS on CPU1. Has anyone done this before?
The communication between two cores is based on shared memory in this framework. So, the memory I allocate for RTEMS is about 64MB, for example, from 0x1000_0000 to 0x1400_0000, and the other is for Linux.
If the shared memory locates in RTEMS workspace, everything might work, but unstable. But if it locates outside the RTEMS like the demo shows, it would go wrong during initialization.  

So, my question is that, how can RTEMS access memory outside its workspace? In my example, is it possible to access the memory like 0x1600_0000?
And what is the nocache for? 

Best wishes,
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