Interrupt latency in RTEMS (Zedboard)

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Objet : Interrupt latency in RTEMS (Zedboard)


I was trying to measure the interrupt latency in RTEMS with a Xilinx Zynq Zedboard (cortex A9).
I modified the c file in classic_signal example to measure time in the main loop and right after entering the handler.
That might seem artificial but well, it gives me a value with a relatively simple code.

I used this code for 100, 10000, and one million ticks per second. I am trying to understand how the measure can quite equal with 100 ticks per second and a million.
(I obtained values between 500ns and 1000ns).
Is there another timer that is used for interrupt processing ?

A subsequent question, is it possible to use a larger value than a tick per microsecond ?  Maybe I am confusing a little between frequency and tick clock in RTEMS but I would like to run test with more or less a tick per nanosecond.
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