[altcycv_devkit] Access to FPGA Fabric via HPS2FPGA Bridge

Christian Spindeldreier spindeldreier at ims.uni-hannover.de
Tue Apr 2 09:08:49 UTC 2019


thank you for the advice on the mmu config which we missed. One has to 
enable the device memory region as follows:

device_addr_end, ARMV7_MMU_DEVICE);

Afterwards one can access the device memory as described before.

We use a nightly build of the RTEMS master, but we do not see the RTEMS 
Fault Manager, as some kind of ISR prints out the content of the 
register file and performs a warm reset when any error occurs. I assume 
that u-boot (2018.11) and the MPU Watchdogs are in charge of this 
behavior but we havn't found the point to disable it yet.

Best regards,


On 29.03.19 13:28, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> Hello,
> On 29/03/2019 12:57, Christian Spindeldreier wrote:
>> Hi,
>> currently we experimenting with the RTEMS-5 on a Cylcone V SoC-FPGA 
>> using the altcycv_devkit BSP. Now we are trying to access a simple 
>> hardware module connected to the HPS2FPGA Bridge via an AXI 
>> interconnect. Our approach of simply write data to the corresponding 
>> address or using the 'alt_write_word()' function which basically does 
>> the same, results in a system crash, so i guess we are missing 
>> something.
> for this platform please use the RTEMS master and not RTEMS 4.11 or 
> something like that. You should first get more information about the 
> system crash. I would install a custom fatal error handler which 
> prints out the termination reason, see also 
> rtems_exception_frame_print(). With it you can get the exception 
> reason and the program counter.
> I guess, the MMU is not set up to allow an access to this region:
>> *((volatile uint32_t *) 0xC0000000) = (uint32_t) 1UL;
>> alt_write_word(0xC0000000, 0x01);
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