code halt but no error log

Jython googcheng at
Mon Apr 8 08:29:16 UTC 2019

  my code is here:
I have enabled uart2 and uart3 in under stm32f4  ,  but
does not return, log also does not be printed so i dont know how to do it.
hope you could help me!

below is the log i got, uart2 log com, uart3 for app   uart2 print

*** i2c test begin ***

create timer ok

[16:06:41.769]ÊÕ¡û¡ôbefore oprator com3
Stack usage by thread
    ID      NAME    LOW          HIGH     CURRENT     AVAILABLE     USED
0x09010001  IDLE 0020005510 - 002000650F 00200064B0      4080   Unavailable
0x0A010001  UI1  0020006518 - 0020007517 0020007410      4080   Unavailable
ux_uart_init begin
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