SPARC-RTEMS5-GDB no symbol "remotebaud" in context

Michel Macena mmacena.eng at
Mon Apr 8 20:08:47 UTC 2019

I have compiled a modified version of  file hello_world_c from
example V2 repository 4-10-2 version in SPARC-RTEMS5-GCC.
The only modification was on the text of "Hello World".
Command line:

> sparc-rtems5-gcc -Wall -g -B /home/inpe/masters_p
> roject/rtems/5/sparc-rtems5/erc32/lib -specs bsp_specs -qrtems
> -mcpu=cypress
> /home/inpe/rtems_examples/examples-v2-examples-v2-4-10-2-modified/hello/hello_world_c/test.c
> -o /home/inpe/rtems_examples/compile_test/hello_test/hello2.exe

After that I tried to connect to an ERC 32 chipset board through
sparc-rtems5-gdb in
order to load and test the file.
the first command worked:

> sparc-rtems5-gdb
> /home/inpe/rtems_examples/compile_test/hello_test/hello2.exe
but when I put

> set remotebaud 19200
in order to set the baud rate of the connection  sparc-rtems5-gdb returns:

> No symbol "remotebaud" in current context.

As far as I know the old documents I have here from the board give
using this command to connect and debug. Also I it is worth noting that
"-g" flag was used do compile and no optimization flag was used. The board
comes with rdbmon v1.1 programmed to allow remote debugging.

Could someone explain ?
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