Change Clock Frequency

Michel Macena mmacena.eng at
Wed Jul 24 14:58:45 UTC 2019

Hi, I'm working with an ERC 32 target board and would like
to change the system clock frequency. There is a file in
$PROJECT_HOME/src/rtems/bsps/sparc/shared/start called Start.s. In this
file there is a line for
clock speed:

>   .word 0x0a, 0, 0, 0 ! 7E (10 MHz default)
I want to change to 8MHz so  I know that I have to change
to 0x08. However after the change can I just recompile
my programs or do I need to rebuild the RTEMS toolchain ?
Also if I need to rebuild could someone explain how can I rebuild without
needing to do the whole install process ? rebuild just the bsps ?

Thanks !
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