anybody used docker image for build tools?

Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Jul 18 17:11:29 UTC 2019

On 19/7/19 2:25 am, Jonathan Phelps wrote:
> I’m learning RTEMS for an ARM ASIC and interested in automation to assist with
> bringing up the software development environment.  

Welcome. Sounds like an interesting project.

> I'm more on the hardware
> side, so I’m not real familiar with Eclipse itself and a little overwhelmed with
> the variety of options in different versions/areas of the documentation 

The User Manual is the best place to start. The other manuals are more
specialised and relate to specific areas of RTEMS.

> (like do I still need the rtems eclipse plugin?

I have not used this plugin so I cannot really comment.

> Are you switching to waf for all build or just libbsd?).

Internally for building RTEMS this is the plan and a user building an
application should be independent of what we use in RTEMS. Our goal is to
provide a way for users to select and use any build system. We are working on it
however the changes to do this are slow and complicated. You may need to figure
out how to get the things RTEMS needs when building code, ie the ABI compiler
flags, the BSP include paths and the libraries you link too, into a specific
build system.

I provide waf support in the form of the rtems_waf repo and libbsd could be
viewed a large complex library of code for an RTEMS application, no different to
one in a large complex application a user may have. If users decide to use waf
in projects, great, but it is not a case of having to use it.

> Anyways, I was curious if there was ever any thought or reasons
> against using a docker image for the build tools,

None other than time and knowledge. I think it is a good idea but I have not had
the time to look into this or capacity to maintain it.

> in particular keeping debug capabilities within IDE.

I am sorry, I do not understand what this means.

>  Ultimately, I’m looking for easiest path on Windows 10
> (and native Linux), but Mingw takes a long time (18+ hours) building rsb.

Yes building on the Windows is slow but a build of the tools is not something
you should need to do often unless you are tracking development changes.

The RSB does have a tar build option for a buildset where the tools are
collected into a tarfile you can install. This is a nice way to package a
project's build to archive or deploy.

> From a Dockerfile I can build a reusable image in about 2.5 hours and have the
> Eclipse plugin for docker trying to compile from inside the image, but missing
> some other setup, probably auto conf stuff.  Are there any other considerations
> I'm overlooking trying to proceed with this approach?

What is the specific error you are seeing?


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