fcntl(.., F_SETLK, ..) replacement possible ?

JunBeom Kim jbkim at e-coretech.kr
Fri Mar 29 14:39:04 UTC 2019

Dear Sir,


As I know from fcntl.c of cpukit part, fcntl() did not support F_GETLK,


When I test sqlite3 code on RTEMS, there is file locking problem due to
non-implementation of F_SETLK option.


I guess that because RTEMS is not process OS model with virtual memory
and/or shared memory, these features don't need for RTEMS thread model.


I am finding alternative replacement method for fcntl(., F_SETLK, .).


If there is hint for this, please let me know that.


Best Regards,

JunBeom Kim


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