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Date: Sun, 5 May 2019, 6:00 pm
Subject: SMP working?
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Hello RTEMS community,
I am working on a multiprocessor based project  and I am planning on using
RTEMS for that. I have been trying to run the example testsuites (smp01,
smp02, etc.) on the standard erc32 however when I run it with gdb I do not
see any output on the terminal. All I have done is enable smp (using
--enable-smp) and run the testsuites as stated in the Quick Start.
I do not understand why I do not get an appropriate output (as the source
codes for smp include print statements I am sure I should see something).
It is stated that the SMP support is a work in progress which is why I
wanted to ask the mailing list if there is something that I am missing or
if rtems is not fully ready for smp support.

Best Regards,
Suhail, Eghonghon
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