Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Sun May 5 01:21:56 UTC 2019

On 3/5/19 7:04 pm, Christian Mauderer wrote:
> It's still odd why the PC was on some flash address. 

Yes. The SR (below) is `CPSR = 0x200000d2`. The mode is 0x12 which is 
IRQ mode and both the I and F bits are set which means interrupts are 
masked. I feel the CPSR is in this state with the PC in the NOR flash 
driver code is not right and worth a closer examination.

Is the fatal error always the same PC?

Is the stack size OK?

Does this variant of ARM have a separate interrupt stack (it seems to 
have a CPSR)?

I don't think that I can help you a lot more at the current point. So 
I'll just let you investigate on that topic some more.

Yeah it is hard without more details.


>>>>>> *** FATAL ***
>>>>>> fatal source: 9 (RTEMS_FATAL_SOURCE_EXCEPTION)
>>>>>> R0   = 0x00000040 R8  = 0x00100000
>>>>>> R1   = 0x00080000 R9  = 0x00000001
>>>>>> R2   = 0x00000048 R10 = 0x4010a3e8
>>>>>> R3   = 0x00000048 R11 = 0x4011737c
>>>>>> R4   = 0x00000a00 R12 = 0x00000000
>>>>>> R5   = 0x00000500 SP  = 0x40100c40
>>>>>> R6   = 0x00000055 LR  = 0x4000a36c
>>>>>> R7   = 0x000000aa PC  = 0x003fde80
>>>>>> CPSR = 0x200000d2 VEC = 0x00000001
>>>>>> RTEMS version: 5.0.0.
>>>>>> RTEMS tools: 7.4.0 20181206 (RTEMS 5, RSB
>>>>>> 40ae056f12e1cbe530f76a3ebd1e2ac745a888ef, Newlib
>>>>>> dc6e94551f09d3a983afd571478d63a09d6f66fa)
>>>>>> executing thread ID: 0x08a010002
>>>>>> executing thread name: Alpi
>>>>> Your program counter (PC) points to a Flash address here. Are you sure
>>>>> that your application runs entirely from RAM?

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