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I take it that’s a no on the documentation.  Can somebody just tell me what these mean or point me where in the code it is?  It’s not an easy follow.

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> On Oct 31, 2019, at 13:43, Mathew Benson <mbenson at> wrote:
> is there any documentation that explains the actual output of the shell commands?  For example, the documentation for the task command says how to run it, and gives the following sample output:
> SHLL [/] # task
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 0a010001 UI1                  UPD  254 EV     P:T:nA   NONE
> 0a010002 SHLL                 UPD  100 READY  P:T:nA   NONE
> But doesn't actually explain what the data in the columns mean.  What do the following "STATE" values mean:  EV, SIG:IS, READY, MSG, SEM, and TIME?  What do the MODES mean?  Same question for the "sema" command output.  
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