Rational R1000-400 and RTEMS?

Per Dalgas Jakobsen pdj at knaldgas.dk
Wed Nov 6 14:23:24 UTC 2019


Last week we succeeded starting up an R1000-400 and have a working 
environment on a FACIT A-4600 monitor.
It just occurred to me that RTEMS might have been a target for 
cross-compilation from the Rational R1000-400 back in the '80-90s.

The R1000-400 is a machine intended for team development and maintenance 
of large Ada systems:

A log of our efforts to get it running, with some picture can be found 
here: https://datamuseum.dk/wiki/Rational/R1000s400/Logbook

If there is anyone here that may have some history, stories or knowledge 
related to the R1000-400, we would be very interested to hear about it. 
Especially if it involves RTEMS of course :)


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