Deos/RTEMS Receives Conformance Certification to the FACE Technical Standard

Joel Sherrill joel at
Wed Oct 2 20:26:32 UTC 2019


We (OAR) jointly received a formal conformance certificate for the Open
Group FACE Technical Standard ( . Here is
the press release from DDC-I:

The FACE Technical Standard requires ARINC 653 and POSIX. Their Deos is an
ARINC 653 RTOS with DO-178 Level A certification. RTEMS provides the POSIX
capabilities along with support ARINC 653 IPC and Health APIs. The FACE
Technical Standard was started to improve portability of avionics software
and defines four profiles. This conformance certification is for Safety
Base. This is a superset of the Security Profile and subset of the Safety
Extended and General Purpose Profiles.

Feel free to ask questions about Deos/RTEMS, the FACE Technical Standard,
how this all relates to, etc.

--joel sherrill
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