Getting version of rtems, and writing files

Shane Thomas codejoy at
Wed Oct 16 17:20:06 UTC 2019

I had a question, I inherited a system that uses rtems and I am not sure
how to edit files on that system.   There is no vim or vi.  I telnet into
them and then get a message right away that says: for help (which does't work) but help() does show some commands
like cat, pwd, home, mod = ld("filename")

but nothing that would let me edit files that are on that system.  Also no
ftp/sftp to let me edit locally and then move them to that system.   I am
not sure the version of rtems this is running even (not sure how to get

Signed up to this mailing list just to ask this question, not sure what
else/where else to look.
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