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Fri Oct 25 21:28:59 UTC 2019

> On Oct 23, 2019, at 15:11 , Shane Thomas <codejoy at> wrote:
> So I think I found the source, there is no ikup command when I am telnet'ed in.
> There is a mount command it seems but I have no idea how to use it, ones suggestion of using it as:
> mount -t nfs foo:/bar /net
> fails but calling mount("something") fails differently:
> I am not sure what all the numbers mean from the returning values items etc.   
> 0x001d41e4 (1917412)
> alt-rotator>mount -t nfs /test
> Cexp syntax error: syntax error, unexpected IDENT
> alt-rotator>mount("")
> 0xffffffff (-1)
> alt-rotator>mount
> 0x001d41e4 (1917412)
> I also goofed (already) and when I mkdir test i forgot the quotes
> so I put mkdir(test) and created something I cannot seem to remove :/ . (the UWVS?? etc)
> alt-rotator>ls()
>          2,       2948b,     0.0     00755 dev/
>         16,      16384b,     0.0     00000 apo/
>   12959797,       4096b,   501.501   00775 rtems/
>         16,          0b,     0.0     00000 UWVS???l$4?|$8??t$<?
>        17,          0b,     0.0     00000 test/
> And to the question: 
> - Can you say what the board support package and application are?
> I am not sure what specifically you mean here, in the folder I found the source code (it was messy) i found all these other folders which might be packages compiled to it? and the README said to use the rtems-4.7.1 folder (where the code is)
> [root at devel1 tools]# ls
> build-4.6	 cexp-1.5-4.6			ntp-4.1.1a-rtems-20030127.tar  rtems-	    rtems-4.7.1.APO-RS232-Driver  rtems-nfs-1.3
> build-4.7	 cexp-1.5-4.7			openntpd-3.9p1		       rtems-	    rtems-4.7.3			  rtems-nfs-1.4
> build-4.7.1	 ntp-4.1.1a-rtems-20030127	Python			       rtems-4.7		    RTEMS-GeSys_2.1.beta	  rtemsNfs-1.5
> build-4.7.1 .    ntp-4.1.1a-rtems-20030127.APO	README			       rtems-4.7.1		    RTEMS-GeSys_2.1.beta-4.6	  rtems-telnetd-1.1.beta
> cexp-1.5	 ntp-4.1.1a-rtems-20030127.OLD	rtems-4.6.6		       rtems-4.7.1.APO-Network-Mod  RTEMS-GeSys_2.1.beta-4.7	  temp
> Sort of progress, just not sure how or where :D and totally sad I seemed to of created a corrupted file on the fs.

You're using something that is tied to what's used in EPICS that dates from a while back.  I'm not an EPICS user, but I know "GeSys" is some sort of "generic system" for RTEMS on EPICS.  Again, EPICS is at

When you executed "mkdir(test)" without quotes around "test" you created a directory on whatever you are using as a file system that used the address of the symbol "test" as a character string and the "mkdir" function dutifully created that directory.  Don't worry about that, if you figure out how to use the system you can get rid of it.  Actually, "rmdir(test)" (without quotes around test) will probably remove it.

I'm getting very curious.

- What is the application?  What does "alt-rotator" do?
- "cexpr" expects C language a C language compatible command line, your "mount -t.." command will definitely not work.  If you are not a C language programmer you face a major challenge and will need an awful lot of help to continue.
- I'm really interested: How did you inherit this application and what do you need to do?
- The function I suggested you try wasn't "ikup", it was "lkup".  That's short for "look up".  Try 'lkup("mount")' and see what you see.

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