Getting version of rtems, and writing files

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Fri Oct 25 21:48:14 UTC 2019

> On Oct 25, 2019, at 17:28 , <dufault at> <dufault at> wrote:
>> fails but calling mount("something") fails differently:
>> I am not sure what all the numbers mean from the returning values items etc.   
>> 0x001d41e4 (1917412)
>> alt-rotator>mount -t nfs /test
>> Cexp syntax error: syntax error, unexpected IDENT
>> alt-rotator>mount("")
>> 0xffffffff (-1)
>> alt-rotator>mount
>> 0x001d41e4 (1917412)

- 'mount -t nfs /test' fails with a syntax error because "cexp" expects a C function call for the command line.
- 'mount("")' fails with -1 because you called the function named 'mount' with illegal arguments, that is, just with a NULL string.
- 'mount' is printing out the address of the function 'mount',  it's at address 0x1d41e4.  If you pass "cexp" a function without arguments it will print out the address of the function.
- Try 'printf'.  It will print the memory address where the printf() function is.
- Try 'printf("hello\n")'.  It will print out "hello" and the result of the function will be printed out as 6, the number of characters in the string "hello\n".

If you can tell us then we all want to know how you began to work on this system and what you need to do with it.

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