Write and read functions for RTEMS

Michel Macena mmacena.eng at gmail.com
Sun Sep 29 03:09:17 UTC 2019

Sorry for asking again, but I think I can now elaborate better my issues.

I've been trying to make the ERC32 read the serial port. First I tried to
use C basic functions such as getchar and gets, and they worked (like a
read function in blocking mode).
However I want to use read and write functions. The write function worked
but  the read function didn't work and I guess that there are configuration
issues. I have the source code of the rdbmon monitor used in the board. I
saw that it uses the write function to the terminal (Serial A) as something
write(1,&char_var,1) and uses the read and write function for the debugging
channel (Serial B) as something as write(3,&char_var,1) and read
(3,&char_var,1). So the file descriptor 1 is for terminal and the 3 is for
the debugging channel. I'm interested in communication through the
terminal, so I used the write functios as write(1,&char_var,1) and it
worked.  I tried the same for the read function but no success, ir returns

> ERRNO: 9 = Bad file number.
I know that in linux for example, I can have a blocking read function or a
non-blocking one using an assynchronous file descriptor and using a signal
(interrupt-like) to get when
there are available bytes in the UART buffer. I tried to open a file
descriptor with something like

> fd=open("/dev/console_%c", O_RDWR | O_NOCTTY | O_NDELAY)
 as I saw in RTEMS Uart loopback example. However it returns an error ( I
don't remember exactly now because I don't have access to the lab at the
moment). I suspect that rdbmon opens
the terminal first to post the board initial message and when I try to
open, it blocks a second instance. The problem that as I haven't choose the
opening mode I can't configure it
termios-like properly.

Another issue:
I have a sample code here with  an isr routine, the rtems_interrupt_catch
function is called in the Init function and it is associed with the ERC32
UART A Data readyTransmitter ready trap. I noticed that isr is executing
whether there is data to send or receive, but I want it to  work just when
there is data to receive. If something is printed before it executes
indefinitely and I can't properly use a read function in this case. It is
worth to say that there is an ERC_Unmask command for the UART A interrupt
in the Init function.

Sorry for the long text, hope can someone help. Thanks !

Em sex, 27 de set de 2019 às 02:33, Michel Macena <mmacena.eng at gmail.com>

> I'm using an ERC32 chip (sparc) . Do you mean the console driver ?
> Em ter, 24 de set de 2019 às 20:47, Chris Johns <chrisj at rtems.org>
> escreveu:
>> On 21/9/19 8:39 am, Michel Macena wrote:
>> >  I noticed in the IO primitive manager section in the RTEMS POSIX guide
>> that
>> > there are a read and a write function, however the IO guide are not
>> finished
>> > yet, so I don't know if those functions are in good shape to use. Are
>> they ok ?
>> > Also is there a tcdrain (from termios.h) equivalent function for RTEMS?
>> >
>> > I want to make a hardware loop with the board and a pc with linux
>> through serial
>> > communication. Is there any RTEMS specific functions  to send and
>> receive data
>> > through serial UART ?
>> RTEMS supports termios for UART communications. All you need is a driver
>> for
>> your hardware.
>> Chris
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