jtag access for zybo zynq board

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Mon Sep 30 07:02:46 UTC 2019

On 27/9/19 11:48 pm, Kent Dorfman wrote:
> While not an RTEMS specific question, hopefully someone can give me
> some options.
> I have a digilent Zybo 7020 zynq board that has a USB/JTAG interface
> on board and I need to access the board through the JTAG to configure
> the flash, install u-boot, and breakpoint debug images (which will
> eventually be RTEMS, not linux)
> I can find NO INFORMATION ANYWHERE about accessing the USB/JTAG except
> through the xilinx Vivado SDK (a commercial, paid license product).

For the record Xilinx provides the LabTools package which I understand only
requires you have a Xilinx account so you can download it. There is a command
line utility that can program flash.

> I want free open source linux hosted options for what I need to do:
> specifically a command line JTAG monitor program that recognizes the
> hardware and allows me to script simple commands to the interface.

The openocd post is a good solution.


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