qemu ppc bsp, which one?

Karel Gardas karel.gardas at centrum.cz
Mon Aug 3 20:40:51 UTC 2020


I've checked out rtems 5 branch and also rsb 5 branch and now I'm trying
to find out how and what bsp exactly to build to have it running somehow
inside qemu ppc emulator.

The issues or questions I have so far are:

- rsb's rtems/config/5/bsps does not contain any qemu*.bset. From PPC,
only qoriq_e*.bset are there. I've checked qoriq_e6500_64 in qemu very
lightly but so far no success. If, there is any receipt how to get that
bsp running inside qemu, then I would appreciate it.

- as there is no rsb's bset for qemu ppc bsp, I would probably need to
build that manually, but:

- rtems/bsps/powerpc/qemuppc/README points to
http://forge.open-do.org/scm/?group_id=8 which seems to be unavailable.
Tested just now so don't know if this is or not planned outage or how
long the state is.

- rtems/bsps/powerpc/motorola_powerpc/README.qemu looks very promissing,
but it looks like to reference very old qemu release and the date on
Till Straumann sign is neither encouradging -- year 2011...

So what ppc based bsp do you guys use to run RTEMS on emulator?


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