qemu ppc bsp, which one?

Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Tue Aug 4 17:37:30 UTC 2020

On Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 3:41 PM Karel Gardas <karel.gardas at centrum.cz> wrote:

> Hello,
> I've checked out rtems 5 branch and also rsb 5 branch and now I'm trying
> to find out how and what bsp exactly to build to have it running somehow
> inside qemu ppc emulator.
> The issues or questions I have so far are:
> - rsb's rtems/config/5/bsps does not contain any qemu*.bset. From PPC,
> only qoriq_e*.bset are there. I've checked qoriq_e6500_64 in qemu very
> lightly but so far no success. If, there is any receipt how to get that
> bsp running inside qemu, then I would appreciate it.
> - as there is no rsb's bset for qemu ppc bsp, I would probably need to
> build that manually, but:
> - rtems/bsps/powerpc/qemuppc/README points to
> http://forge.open-do.org/scm/?group_id=8 which seems to be unavailable.
> Tested just now so don't know if this is or not planned outage or how
> long the state is.
> - rtems/bsps/powerpc/motorola_powerpc/README.qemu looks very promissing,
> but it looks like to reference very old qemu release and the date on
> Till Straumann sign is neither encouradging -- year 2011...
> So what ppc based bsp do you guys use to run RTEMS on emulator?

This is a great question. psim in gdb is used a lot but it doesn't have a
interface. I assume you want one. The qemu prep configuration is dying.

This is the list of models qemu supports in the qemu I have installed via
the RSB.

40p                  IBM RS/6000 7020 (40p)
bamboo               bamboo
g3beige              Heathrow based PowerMAC (default)
mac99                Mac99 based PowerMAC
mpc8544ds            mpc8544ds
none                 empty machine
ppce500              generic paravirt e500 platform
prep                 PowerPC PREP platform (deprecated)
ref405ep             ref405ep
sam460ex             aCube Sam460ex
taihu                taihu
virtex-ml507         Xilinx Virtex ML507 reference design

Unfortunately, I think the best candidates in that list are

+ the mpc8544ds which looks to be an eval board which is
NOT directly supported. I see the t32mppc and mvme3100 BSPs
using 8540 CPUs.

+ possibly the virtex-ml507 which may align with one of the powerpc
virtex BSPs.

But I have no idea if the virtex BSP will work on qemu. It would be
good to have a ppc simulator environment with networking.

If networking is more important than PPC, the qemu zynq works great.


> Thanks!
> Karel
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