Question about SIS for RTEMS 5 and timing

Fabrício de Novaes Kucinskis fabricio.kucinskis at
Thu Aug 6 20:54:08 UTC 2020

Hello all, I hope everyone on the list is health and safe.


I’m studying the update of a SPARC project, currently based on RTEMS 4.11, to RTEMS 5.


After installing RTEMS 5, the first thing I did was compile and run, on SIS, a set of example applications.


When calling sparc-rtems5-sis, I noticed that the loaded application run fast as hell, as SIS was just calling one instruction after the other, with no timing concerns – different from what I saw on older versions.


I’ve tried to set the frequency with the “-freq” parameter, but this makes no difference. I also checked the RTEMS SPARC BSP sources, and the CLOCK_SPEED definition inside the trap table is still set to 10, as ever.


Can anyone say what is different between the previous and current SIS versions, and how can I make the applications run with a reasonable timing?


Thanks in advance and best regards,



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