Corrupted test marker with u-boot and zynq

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Thu Aug 20 03:43:28 UTC 2020

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>> I assume you are using the default baudrate of 115200?
>> Is this custom hardware?
> It's a SoM from Trenz (e.g. here: which sits on the 0706 Carrier-board.
> I compiled rtems with the following to set the clock values in line with vivado:
> ../rtems-5.0.0-m2006-2/configure --target=arm-rtems5 --prefix=~/rtems/bsps/5/arm --disable-networking --enable-rtemsbsp=xilinx_zynq_zedboard --enable-cxx --enable-posix ZYNQ_CLOCK_UART=100000000 BSP_ARM_A9MPCORE_PERIPHCLK=333333333U ZYNQ_CLOCK_CPU_1X=111111111U BSP_CONSOLE_MINOR=0 --enable-tests

I use weak functions to handle the clocks.

>>> Would this be a solution which could be accepted as a patch?
>> I do not see any harm in the change however I would like to know what the
>> difference between your set up and mine is. Your output is missing ...
>> ## Transferring control to RTEMS (at address 00104000) ...
> Ah, yes.
> I just tried with a bare metal hello_world from Xilinx and there this line appears, but not when I load rtems applications.
> That's weird.
> We have u-boot compiled from the Xilinx repositories: U-Boot 2019.01 (Jul 16 2020 - 14:44:10 +0000) Xilinx Zynq ZC702

I use the u-boot repo and not the vendors.

I check the TRM and the string is about 60 characters and the FIFO is 64 bytes
so it is possible the whole string is in the buffer.

Please create a patch and send to devel at


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