RTEMS 5.1 RC2 Available

Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Tue Aug 25 13:12:12 UTC 2020

Thanks. Other than appearing to have lines longer than 80 characters, it
looks ok to me.

We had some progress with students converting wiki pages to documentation.
I personally want to minimize what is in the wiki especially for content
that should be tied to a specific RTEMS version. I say this because there
is a PC BSP wiki page from which information could be harvested. If that
info is out of date, it should be deleted. If it is still good, converted
to the Users Manual. Then the PC BSP removed from the wiki.

Getting everything from the wiki to the manuals is painful



On Tue, Aug 25, 2020 at 5:38 AM Karel Gardas <karel.gardas at centrum.cz>

> On 8/25/20 2:30 AM, Chris Johns wrote:
> >> Also is there any reason pcx86 BSP is not documented at all?
> >
> > We need someone to create and add the documentation for the PC BSP. It
> is not
> > hard but it is important. The README in the BSP could be filtered,
> updated and
> > moved into the doco.
> Please review attached patch and let me know if this is good for the
> start or you need spelling/formatting changes. I'm especially not sure
> how best to format Runtime Options listing -- e.g. `--console` results
> in not so nice -console in output etc. Also I'm not able to verify PDF
> gen due to #4062.
> Thanks,
> Karel
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