BSP missing

Karel Gardas karel.gardas at
Fri Aug 28 20:46:51 UTC 2020

On 8/28/20 9:55 PM, Zacchaeus Liang wrote:
> Thanks so much! I managed to get it to work! The strange thing was to
> run it I had to use
> /home/zakonrockets/development/rtems/5/bin/rtems-run --rtems-bsps=pc-qemu  build/i386-rtems5-pc386/hello.exe
>  It's wierd because i'm using that as opposed to the i386/pc385 to run
> it. I looked at the small projects that i can do to contribute? They all
> seem really hard. What is the easiest coding task (as they word it on
> the wiki article )? What is a good way to get to know  rtems and rtosn
> general?

My advice is to try to write some documentation. A lot of BSPs
documentation is still missing. For example beagle BSP is quite loaded
(functionality wise) and yet nearly all drivers are completely undocumented.

By documenting you will read the code and try to understand it and you
will not only touch just BSP, but will look around and this way you will
learn a lot and yet provide a real value -- if you contribute your
documentation changes for comments/review/commit...
Also this way, by reading code, you will find something which irks you
and you will be more motivated to fix it than if somebody comes and ask
you to work on some project.

Use RTEMS for fun on your available hardware and you will find quickly
where to help.


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