RTEMS 5.1 (rcc-1.3.0-gcc)

Richard.Glossop at L3Harris.com Richard.Glossop at L3Harris.com
Mon Dec 7 15:33:44 UTC 2020

Hi we are using the LEON3.  Had been operating under rcc-1.3-rc7-gcc with correct operation of the JFFS2 file system.  Recently attempted upgrade to rcc-1.3.0-gcc (RTEMS 5.1 release) and now are getting a segmentation fault whenever we attempt to access the /mnt/jffs drive in any way.  I have determined that the exception is occurring whenever /mnt/jffs2 is accessed.  It occurs down in RTEMS mutex code in an inline function contained in threadimpl.h.  It occurs in an inline function called _Thread_Wait_claim which in turn calls _Thread_Wait_release_default_critical which leads to a segmentation fault.  This is a definite variation going from rcc-1.3-rc7-gcc to rcc-1.3.0-gcc.

Has anyone seen this?  Thoughts/ideas on how to troubleshoot?


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