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M. Dodson md403 at
Wed Jan 22 11:42:37 UTC 2020

I’m using RTEMS in a research project, comparing different domains.

Domains of what?

Ah, ‘domain’ *is* pretty vague.  We are looking at the effects of different hardware architectures on the behaviour of real time systems, and we want several realistic use cases.  Robotics is one example.  Programmable logic controllers are another.

Can anyone point me to an open source robotics project currently using RTEMS?

It can be difficult to get people to say they are using RTEMS. Over the years
Joel and I have found a number of cases more by accident than anything else. A
reference in a journal article, a trace capture. I hope anyone using RTEMS in
robotics post a comment.

Thanks.  I’m currently looking at the Robot Operating System (<>), as it seems to have wide use within academia and industry, with some projects building on top of RTOSes like NuttX (e.g., micro-ROS,<>).

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