open source robotics projects

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Jan 22 22:17:51 UTC 2020

On 22/1/20 10:42 pm, M. Dodson wrote:
>>> I’m using RTEMS in a research project, comparing different domains.
>> Domains of what?
> Ah, ‘domain’ *is* pretty vague.  We are looking at the effects of different
> hardware architectures on the behaviour of real time systems, and we want
> several realistic use cases.  Robotics is one example.  Programmable logic
> controllers are another.


>>> Can anyone point me to an open source robotics project currently using RTEMS?
>> It can be difficult to get people to say they are using RTEMS. Over the years
>> Joel and I have found a number of cases more by accident than anything else. A
>> reference in a journal article, a trace capture. I hope anyone using RTEMS in
>> robotics post a comment.
> Thanks.  I’m currently looking at the Robot Operating System (
> <>), as it seems to have wide use within academia and industry,
> with some projects building on top of RTOSes like NuttX (e.g., micro-ROS,
> <>).

Nice. I have not heard of RTEMS on a micro-ros but I know there are people who
want it.


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