Newbie question: Building Apps

Charles Manning cdhmanning at
Wed Jan 29 22:56:50 UTC 2020

So is the short answer here to learn, and use waf?
Is that the future of RTEMS?

Yet another build system :-).


On Thu, Jan 30, 2020 at 11:54 AM Chris Johns <chrisj at> wrote:
> On 30/1/20 4:51 am, Jonathan Brandmeyer wrote:
> > RTEMS BSPs place a bunch of pkg-config files under $prefix/lib/pkgconfig which
> > are named after the various BSPs.  I've just been using those to pick out the
> > correct CFLAGS for my application.
> A warning, the generation of these files in the current RTEMS build system is
> broken and cannot be fixed. Some BSPs work OK and others do not.
> The flags in the RTEMS source are held in makefile fragments and over the years
> macros and other things got added to some bsps that are used to the create the
> flags that appear in the .pc files. Nothing is consistent and so cannot be
> easily extracted and placed in a .pc file.
> Another issue is all the flags used to build RTEMS are exposed and this causes
> problems with some 3rd party and application code.
> This should be fixed in the new RTEMS kernel waf build system Sebastian has been
> working on.
> Chris

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