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> Hello,
> AFAIK RTEMS has an ada support maybe someone can suggest any useful
> manual, guides, books, etc about this language? Level - newbie.

Yes. When you use the RSB to build the RTEMS C and C++ tools, there is an
option to enable building Ada support.

As to learning Ada, GNU Ada  (GNAT) was initially developed to provide a
path for folks to learn Ada and make it more approachable. AdaCore still
carries on that mission and has which should be
a good starting point.  Once you are past that, lists a number of
other tutorials.

You may be surprised to learn that Ada95 is still very widely used and
introduced some object-oriented support. Ada 2005 added more
object-oriented capabilities. Ada 2012 added the SPARK annotation which
allows for formal program correctness checks. There are obviously other
differences between the editions of the language but those are the

Ada is strongly typed, includes tasking, and was designed for use in
critical systems. A goal is to find errors at compile or analysis time and
not in the field.

Learn it as a language on a native platform and then try it on RTEMS once
you are comfortable with it.


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