stm32h7 bsp - simple led blink example not working on stm32h7 nucleo board

John Nathen john.nathen1 at
Mon Nov 2 09:46:34 UTC 2020


I am new to rtems and am planning to use rtems on a project with the
stm32h7 mcu. I cloned the latest sources from git and built the arm-rtems6,
gcc 10.2 toolchain and also built the stm32h7 bsp using the new waf build

Everything works fine and I can build the (modified for stm32h7) LED blink
example application. However, the resulting .bin file, after conversion
from exe to bin using objcopy, does not work - no blinking led.

I then decided to try the stm32f4 discovery board:
If I use the rtems5.1 release version with arm-rtems5, gcc 7.5 and the
configure based build system, I can get the led to blink on this board. It
also works even if I clone the latest rtems source and use the configure
based system with arm-rtems5.

If I use the latest master with arm-rtems6, gcc 10.2 and build the stm32f4
bsp using the new waf build system, the led blink example does NOT work!

I then tried to 'force' rsb to build arm-rtems6 using the gcc 7.5 and tried
to build the stm32f4 bsp using waf. This resulted in a number of linker
errors - multiple definition of __getreent  _Semaphore_Wait and a few
others. Also, undefined reference to _init and so on.

I tried to solve it based on the suggestions given for the __getreent
(crt0.o issue). But still get a number of errors.

I am hoping to get some suggestions on how to proceed further.

Thanks in advance.

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