RTEMS Network Stack and Managed Switch

Richard.Glossop at L3Harris.com Richard.Glossop at L3Harris.com
Thu Oct 8 15:15:23 UTC 2020

We have discovered a problem with the RTEMS network stack reaching the RTEMS _Terminate function when the interfaces are attached to a managed switch (in this case a Cisco 3560).

This does not occur with direct connections or when attached to a layer 2 unmanaged switch (NetGear or SMC).  Of course the 3560 puts out a lot of traffic that a layer 2 switch does not (spanning tree, CDP etc....)

So it seems the managed switch is putting out traffic that is bringing RTEMS down.

Has anyone seen this behavior?  Have you determined the root cause?

I set a break point and caught the following backtrace:

  #0   0x6006ec90   0x60200180   <_Terminate+0x4>
  #1   0x6006ece0   0x602001e8   <_Internal_error+0x8>
  #2   0x600da250   0x60200248   <_svfprintf_r+0x14>
  #3   0x600d5810   0x60200420   <snprintf+0x58>
  #4   0x60073bac   0x60200508   <inet_ntop4+0x24>
  #5   0x60073e70   0x60200580   <inet_ntop+0x280>
  #6   0x60073b78   0x60200630   <inet_ntoa_r+0x1c>
  #7   0x60076340   0x60200698   <arplookup+0x78>
  #8   0x60076e34   0x60200710   <arpintr+0x20c>
  #9   0x6008861c   0x602007c0   <networkDaemon+0xa0>
  #10  0x60088164   0x60200828   <taskEntry+0x20>
  #11  0x6006d210   0x60200888   <_Thread_Entry_adaptor_numeric+0x8>
  #12  0x6006c464   0x602008e8   <_Thread_Handler+0x60>
  #13  0x6006c404   0x60200948   <_Thread_Handler+0>


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