How to use lvgl on pc386 BSP.

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Tue Sep 8 19:47:41 UTC 2020

Hi Jan and Christian,

thanks for your advice! Indeed, dev_nic_e1000 = off solved my troubles
with broken e1000 driver and was able to build libbsd from 5 branch
successfully even on pc686 bsp.

I used that and jumped to compilation of lvgl library which went fine
too. Then I tried lvgl example from rtems-examples and this failed. I
needed to change location of i2c.h header file -- I guess it's not on
bsp generic location and is more BSP specific so no problem changing it
but then I've also needed to add linking with libz in order to solve
linker complains about missing symbols. So at  the end I've finished
with 2 lvgl examples linked.

Unfortunately they are not running or it (hello) is not running I guess
VESA VBE does have some troubles on the testing notebook (lenovo b5400).
Tomorrow I'll try it on more hardware around.

The example diff needed is attached.

Thanks a lot!

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> Hi Karel,
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>> Hello Christian,
>> On 9/7/20 6:22 PM, Christian Mauderer wrote:
>>> I have analyzed a bit more:
>>> We have two main libbsd branches:
>>> - master
>>> - 6-freebsd-12
>>> Same for the release. There it is
>>> - 5
>>> - 5-freebsd-12
>>> The first one tracks the latest FreeBSD development branch. The later
>>> one tracks the stable FreeBSD 12 branch.
>>> It seems that the evdev stuff is only on the first branch (master and
>>> 5). So if you compiled 5-freebsd-12 (which is not unlikely - I would
>>> recommend that for application development) the evdev support is _not_
>>> there. That's exactly what you see.
>>> Depending on your application, you might want to think about switching
>>> to the current master instead of the release. But note that I didn't
>>> compile the PC BSP there. So I'm not sure how well it works. i386 is
>>> normally not a platform that I use for RTEMS applications.
>> thanks a lot for your guidance on this. However libbsd is broken on i386 due
>> to missing fixes/files. See #4052 and #4053 for more information.
>> I've had a curious look into what's going on there trying to cherry-pick fix
>> from the 5-freebsd-12 branch, but the problem is currently over my available
>> time and knowledge. If it's not fixed, I'll hopefully get back to it and try to
>> work on it properly in upcoming weekends.
> For the 5 and master branch (#4052 and #4053), I have already posted patches to the mailinglist.
> You can find the thread here:
> They got a bit delayed due to the work for the RTEMS5 release and because there were some discussions about branch naming for FreeBSD.
> If you just want to compile FreeBSD (5 or master) for i386 and do not need the e1000 network driver right now, that should be possible if you set "dev_nic_e1000 = off" in the your buildset ini file.
> Cheers,
> Jan
>> Thanks!
>> Karel
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