Segmentation fault 11 issue with gdb

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Mon Apr 26 21:59:56 UTC 2021

In my ongoing quest to bring up libbsd, I ran into an issue with gdb as built for RTEMS5.

gdb 9.1 immediately gives a segmentation fault 11 as it has a fight with python3 version 3.9.2.

I managed to find a good explanation of the problem at;a=commit;h=c47bae859a5af0d95224d90000df0e529f7c5aa0

So I managed to trick the RTEMS5 installer into building with gdb 9.2 and it had exactly the same problem. The problem report, above, was generated a couple of days after 9.2 was released, so the problem should have existed there too.

I then persuaded the installer to grab 10.1 and the issue was gone. Yay. 10.1 also worked adequately with eclipse and OpenODC (yuck).

I just noticed that gdb 10.2 was released today. I have not tried it yet.

That is all,

Andrei (from The Great White North)

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