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Tue Aug 10 11:21:36 UTC 2021

Is there a Slack or Discord channel to discuss RTEMS?  I don't want to
flood everybody's inbox with emails.

I want to port RTEMS to the Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ R5.  I've taken the
RTEMS training, but that was a couple years ago.  I think I'll be fine once
I can just get through the build system and can focus on just code, but the
build system seems very foreign to me.  There still seems to be either
fragments of an old build system or just files that don't seem to serve any
purpose.  It would appear that "/spec/build/bsps/arm/xilinx-zynqmp" is
where my build set definition begins, but then what is
"/bsps/arm/xilinx-zynqmp/config" for?

Also, everything still seems to be organized by architecture, the board.
How do you want the Zynq Ultrascale organized?  It has multiple
architectures on the same SoC.  Should it be under "arm" or "aarch64"?  Is
it possible to build two kernels in a single step, or should it contain an
entry in "arm" for the R5 and an entry in "aarch64" for the A53?

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