MVME2500 (qoriq_e500) no longer boots with RTEMS6

junkes junkes at
Fri Feb 19 18:52:27 UTC 2021

On 2021-02-19 18:40, Gedare Bloom wrote:
> Advise how you built. We are starting to see some bitrot breakage in
> configuration. The cutover to waf will come soon, and I don't expect
> rtems6 release to support autoconf build of rtems itself. I suggest
> you change over to waf build of rtems kernel if you haven't yet.

I use a build system from Christian Maurer:

define build_toolchain
	rm -rf $(RSB)/rtems/build
	cd $(RSB)/rtems && ../source-builder/sb-set-builder \
	    --prefix=$(PREFIX) \
	    --log=$(RSB)/b-rsb-toolchain-$(1).log \
	rm -rf $(RSB)/rtems/build

define build_bsp
	cd $(SRC_RTEMS) && ./waf clean || true
	cd $(SRC_RTEMS) && ./waf bsp_defaults --rtems-bsps=$(1)/$(2) > 
	cd $(SRC_RTEMS) && sed -i \
		-e "s|RTEMS_POSIX_API = False|RTEMS_POSIX_API = True|" \
False|" \
		-e "s|BUILD_TESTS = False|BUILD_TESTS = True|" \
	cd $(SRC_RTEMS) && ./waf configure --prefix=$(PREFIX)
	cd $(SRC_RTEMS) && ./waf
	cd $(SRC_RTEMS) && ./waf install

define build_libbsd
	rm -rf $(SRC_LIBBSD)/build
	cd $(SRC_LIBBSD) && ./waf configure \
	    --prefix=$(PREFIX) \
	    --rtems-bsps=$(1)/$(2) \
	    --enable-warnings \
	    --optimization=2 \
	cd $(SRC_LIBBSD) && ./waf
	cd $(SRC_LIBBSD) && ./waf install

I would like to switch to waf. But this is not available for the
kernel with RTEMS5 and unfortunately it does not work with RTEMS6.

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