libbsd: "swi6: Giant task queue" suspend if removing SD Card

Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Jan 7 23:19:11 UTC 2021

On 8/1/21 1:10 am, Christian Mauderer wrote:
> Hello RUI Zhengxin,
> On 07/01/2021 04:43, RUI Zhengxin wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> We find "swi6: Giant task queue" suspend if removing SD Card.
>> libbsd5.1 is running at beagle bone hardware, the sdhci driver is attached
>> success.
>> *sdhci_ti0: <TI MMCHS (SDHCI 2.0)> mem 0x4809c000-0x4809c3ff irq 78,4 on
>> simplebus0*
>> *mmc0: <MMC/SD bus> on sdhci_ti0*
>> The console show the message when removing sd card
>> *emerg: mmcsd_detach: FIXME*
> Like the message suggests: Removing SD cards is currently not implemented. The
> part of the subsystem is just removed and replaced by a BSD_PANIC("FIXME"). It's
> a bit back since I last touched that subsystem but if I remember correctly, it
> would be quite a bit of work to add that support.

I have added VFS support to libbsd but I have not looked at this specific set of
interfaces. I have left them alone for now. Once my changes are merged and
stable it would be interesting to see if the devfs and related pieces can be
reverted back to something closer to the original FreeBSD sources and if it
helps in this case.


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