ftw() Test Additions May Require rtems6 Tool Update

Joel Sherrill joel at rtems.org
Thu Mar 11 19:03:45 UTC 2021


First, this does NOT impact rtems5.

On February 3, Eshan Dhawan posted additions to the RTEMS test suite for
ftw() and nftw() which he had previously worked to add to newlib. There
have been multiple updates to the rtems6 tool recipes in the RSB since then
so if you may already have ftw() and nftw() in your tools. But if you
attempt to build RTEMS with tests enabled and get an test link failure
because ftw() is undefined, you will need to update your tools.

I posted a few days ago on devel@ and there was no negative feedback. This
is just being courteous and pointing out some may hit a bump as we improve
POSIX Compliance moving forward with RTEMS.

I'd like to thank Eshan and point out that porting these methods was part
of his GSoC 2020 project. It has just taken this long to make this
particular piece of the project acceptable to Newlib, Cygwin, and RTEMS.
The ftw.h in newlib is used by both Cygwin and Newlib.


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