RTEMS 5 how to run "hello" example

Vijay Kumar Banerjee vijay at rtems.org
Mon Mar 15 15:20:56 UTC 2021

Hi Olga,

On Mon, Mar 15, 2021 at 8:29 AM Olga Syrbachova <syrba4eva28 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thank you very much for your reply!
> I've built the RTEMS Kernel for erc32. Then I followed this tutorial https://docs.rtems.org/branches/master/user/start/app.html to build a "Hello World" application and it works just fine. Then I've tried to create another application following the steps in the tutorial.
> 1. In $HOME/development/app/ I created a directory "ticker".
> 2. cd ticker
> 3. curl https://waf.io/waf-2.0.19 > waf
>     chmod +x waf
>     git init
>     git submodule add git://git.rtems.org/rtems_waf.git rtems_waf
> 4. I've copied the files "init.c", "tasks.c", "system.h" from testsuites/samples
> 5. In the "wscript" I've changed the lines 32 and 34 to target = 'ticker.exe', source = ['init.c', 'tasks.c']
> 6. ./waf configure --rtems=$HOME/development/rtems/5 --rtems-bsp=sparc/erc32
> 7. and running ./waf next, I get an error. It looks like the file "tmacros.h", which is included in "system.h", cannot be found.
You have changed the "target" and "source" parameters in your wscript.
You'd also need to modify the "include" parameter and add relative
path to tmacros.h. For multiple headers, you'll have to add the paths
as a string with space-separated values or a list like this:
`includes='./ ../ ./path/to/include/'`

> What am I doing wrong? Is the way to run other examples exactly the same as to run a "Hello World" example?
The other examples will also follow a similar wscript structure but
hello world is the simple one with fewer includes so it's a good place
to start if you're trying to learn how to make a separate project with
RTEMS applications using waf.

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