GSoC Introduction

Matthew Joyce mfjoyce2004 at
Wed May 19 14:09:01 UTC 2021

Hello RTEMS Community,

My name is Matt Joyce and it is a great honor for me to join you as a
2021 GSoC student developer! I'm a former active-duty US Army infantry
officer now serving part-time in the reserves. Since 2019 I've been
back in school pursuing a BS in Computer Science remotely at Oregon
State while based with my family in Berlin, Germany.

I see that there is a large group of RTEMS developers/users in
Germany, so one day I hope to be able to meet some of you in person,

My project focuses on POSIX compliance. I plan to add multiple new
methods not currently supported by RTEMS with the intent to improve
application portability.
With your guidance, I am excited to dive in and put what I've been
learning to work and make my first real-world contributions to the
greater good.

Thank you very much for this opportunity!  I look forward to working with you.



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